About us

VLV is a mechanical engineering company specializing in the development and production of automation machines designed to accelerate complex manufacturing processes. The broad base of our activities enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive engineering solutions. From finding the right solution, through the development process, design, production to full delivery at the customer's factory.

Our services

VLV provides a comprehensive engineering solution consisting of a variety of fields, we utilize the technological advantages on the one hand and the rich experience in the field on the other to tailor the project type to the customer most accurately and maximize the results with minimum costs.

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Israel Tampere, Finland Sevilla, Spain Oviedo, Spain Ann Arbor, Michigan Phoenix Arizona


Over 200 projects in a wide variety of industries

Tampere, Finland

Accurate laser measurement machine

Sevilla, Spain

Robotic welding line

Oviedo, Spain

Accurate solar parts production

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Solar parts production line

Phoenix Arizona

Automatic drilling line

Among Our Clients

Among Our Clients